Friday, October 31, 2008

Anyone for India?

Perceptions matter!

... and I reckon this is a decision to match those made on robes, traffic-lights and old desks ...

It is, unquestionably, an inappropriate time for this type of expenditure. Someone, surely, should have recognised that?

... the very fact that it's made its way into an official Council report just about sums up the political miasma that appears to be suffocating all prospect of decent decision-making within the City Chambers at the moment.

Not good.


John Wallace said...

Of course the jaunts on taxpayer money is nothing new - everyone enjoys a nice Kir Royale before tucking up in your nice flat bed to flick through the movie channels.

It would be nice if the Lord Provost gave the 6k towards other foreign assignments given the news that the Labour government have forced the resignation of an honourable man carrying out a more honourable duty in foreign lands for the benefit of mankind.

Perhaps at least, the Lord Provost could avial himself of transport arrangements more akin to those of the honourable men and women to show his support.

Andrew said...


I know its too tempting 'not' to tar us all with the same brush ...

... but the vast majority of Councillors (from all Parties) never take part in any foreign trips at tax-payers expense.

Doesn't make for good headlines though, I appreciate :-(


John Wallace said...

Your reply has the all the makings of a nice FOIA(S) request.

There was of course Lesley and Steve (when Labour) going round the world but I have seen very little of Cardownie on jaunts since joining the Scottish Nose Pickers. Finally keeping his passport in his pocket?

Anonymous said...

How did you enjoy 2NYCE ~ INVASION Dance Competition & After-Party ?

Looking forward to seeing the pics.

Andrew said...

PLEASE - this is a blog, not a bloody chat-forum ;-)

Anonymous said...

Like you know the difference.