Sunday, September 07, 2008

Terribly sad news ...

Have received the terribly sad news today that one of my Labour Group colleagues, Elizabeth Maginnis, died in the very early hours of this morning.

Having now spoken to all of my Group colleagues, all I can say is we're totally shocked by Elizabeth's sudden and tragic death.

Elizabeth was a member of a large and very loving family, of whom she spoke often, and first-and-foremost all our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

Elizabeth was an elected Councillor in Edinburgh for over two decades and all throughout that period she lived in, worked in, and represented North Edinburgh. She was an intrinsic part of that local community and her breadth of knowledge, experience and sheer passion for the north of this city will be frankly irreplaceable.

She also played a crucial role in the development of Early Years (Nursery) Education, during her Convener-ship of Lothian Region's Education Committee in the early 1990's ... a policy which has since been universally adopted across the whole of Scotland.

A truly tragic loss for her family, the North of Edinburgh, and the wider city.


Will said...

Condolences today... I've only had any form of dealings with her through her blog, especially when compiling posts for the Scottish Roundup. Through that I got the sense that she was committed to her causes and willing to speak up even at the risk of going off-message.

You've lost a strong figure to have alongside you in the Council, that's for sure, and I'm sad for her friends and family.

Andrew said...

Will - thanks for the comment ... much appreciated.