Monday, September 08, 2008

A difficult day

Very sad, and difficult, day in the City Chambers today ...

... that said, I've been overwhelmed by messages of condolence, and huge praise for all that Elizabeth achieved.

I'll just link to a few other places where her story has been covered today:
My thoughts remain with Elizabeth's family ...


admin said...

Andrew, hello. I was Elizabeth's agent for the first city council elections and worked closely with here at that time.
She was a scary woman, and as a first-time agent I was putty in her hands, and learned enormously from her. What energy ! What conviction !
As fate would have it, I'm now convenor for education in my local council here in France, and I often ask myself, when confronted with issues, what Elizabeth would have done, and it useually gives me the right answer.
A fierce friend, a tireless campaigner in and out of office, uncompromising when required and quite frankly sometimes a total pain, but all for the greater good ! She was a real character and I for one will miss her sorely.
Sheila McCarron (née Farrell)

Andrew said...


Many, many thanks for getting in touch - you've summed up Elizabeth pretty well in your comments!

She will be sorely missed by many ...


P.S. Hope the job in France is going okay and if you want any further information, please don't hesitate to e-mail me: