Monday, August 18, 2008

Labour Group re-shuffle

Minor Labour Group re-shuffle confirmed at our Group Meeting earlier this afternoon ... been a bit delayed since my appointment as Group Leader due to holidays etc.

... but for those 'political anoraks' out there who are interested in such things, the complete list of posts follows below.

Needless to say, our focus will now be renewed on:
  • promoting Edinburgh's wider interests at every possible opportunity
  • speaking up (loudly!) in defence of essential front-line public services here in the city
  • professionally scrutinising every action of the current Council Administration
... I sense the next 4-years will be busy!


Andrew Burns - Group Leader
Ricky Henderson - Deputy Leader

Ian Murray - Chair
Lesley Hinds - Vice Chair

Ian Perry - Secretary
Paul Godzik - Assistant Secretary

Elizabeth Maginnis - Whip
Angela Blacklock - Vice Whip


Lesley Hinds - Health and Social Care
Ewan Aitken - Community Safety

Ricky Henderson - Children and Families
Angela Blacklock - Children’s Support Services & Equalities

Elizabeth Maginnis - Economic Development
Ian Perry - Transport and Infrastructure

Gordon Munro - Housing
Maureen Child - Environment and Sustainability
Norma Hart - Communities and Social Justice

Ian Murray - Finance
Paul Godzik - Culture, Sport and Leisure
Donald Wilson - Smart City

Eric Milligan - Planning/Police
Eric Barry - Fire/Licensing


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