Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Group Leaders meeting

Attended my first 'Group Leaders meeting' this afternoon ...

... a scurrilous rumour is doing the rounds at the City Chambers that 'lunch was provided' by the Leader's Office in an attempt to induce agreement on a whole range of difficult topics for the Lib/Nat Administration ... well, the bit about the lunch being provided is true ;-))

Joking aside, personally I very much welcome any efforts (from all political sides!) to reach consensus on some issues before the hot-house of the main Council Chamber is reached. That doesn't mean that heated political disagreement will always be avoidable - it won't be, and neither should it be ...

... but, its a simple truth that on some 80% of Council decisions there is absolutely no political division - yet, you would be right to doubt this statistic from the way that the remaining 20% of decisions are dealt with :-(

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