Thursday, July 24, 2008

What do you REALLY make of this?

I've just caught up with yesterday's local press coverage of those parking proposals I posted about a couple days ago ...

... and, what do you know, they appear to be as good as 'dead-in-the-water' politically - all within hours of being thrust into the public domain.

I know plenty of politically experienced people read this blog ... so do have a read at that press article; check out those named (and unnamed) quotes; and then tell me the current Council Coalition isn't a political shambles?

Being uncharacteristically partisan for a second, its 'manna from heaven' for Edinburgh Labour politicians watching all of this ...

... but, there's a distinct trend forming here of no difficult decisions being taken on almost any subject matter.

Ultimately, that's not good for the City of Edinburgh.


Anonymous said...

Thats the kind of road sign we need on the top and botton half of Hutchison Crossway.

Just to tell the drivers that they have really done the right thing.

Andrew said...


Ha! ... mind you, that's a perfectly fair point ;-)