Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunshine on Glasgow

By-election Day - and the sun is shining ;-)

... has to be good for a higher turnout, but who will it benefit most??

We'll know soon enough ...


John Wallace said...

Interesting that your party's candidate told us that she was born and lived all of her life in Glasgow's East End - even more interesting is that she will not be voting today. Seems the only candidate in the major four that voted today was the Scottish Nose Picker's John Mason.

Maybe that is because he is the only one that actually DOES live in the constituency.

Pretty sure that I wouldn't want a proven liar to become an MP and representing me. What would be the Labour Party's take on this?

Andrew said...

... I think you're just proving my 'fever-pitch' theory :-(

John Wallace said...


It's no theory - this is real life.

Anyhoo, back to the question, so what exactly would the Labour Party's take on liars in the UK parliament be?

I can tell you that if an employee of mine lied to a client, I really can't see any reason to continue to employ them.

Andrew said...


I do take your point ... but, come on, its a 'by-election' with all sorts of statements being blown out of all proportion by all of the political parties.

Of course, some of us not only live in our constituency but even in our Wards ;-)

John Wallace said...

and that will still be "nae comment" to the question:

"so what exactly would the Labour Party's take on liars in the UK parliament be?"

I'll just have to form my own opinions.

Maybe if the question was a bit lighter....hmmmm..... yeah..

What would the Leader of the Edinburgh Labour group in the Council do if one of his Councillors lied on TV and how would he feel that reflected upon his party and his administration?

Now it is a direct question to the right person who represents me. There even may be a prize for a direct answer.

Andrew said...


I've already said I take your point ... but I'm not responsible for Westminster Candidates.

... and I'm very reluctant to respond to 'hypothetical' local scenarios.