Monday, June 23, 2008

More trouble ...

Talking about troublesome motions for debate, here is the full text of the one mentioned at the bottom of this story in today's local paper:

"Council agrees that the recent changes (as listed below) to the provision of hot meals to Nursery, Primary and Secondary school children have been a serious mistake, which will have a negative effect on the uptake of healthy school meals:
  • The removal of a hot lunchtime meal for Nursery School children
  • The "mothballing" of several Primary School kitchens
  • The removal of a hot lunchtime meal for all Secondary School children"

All relates to the ongoing debate on school meals, which I've mentioned extensively on the blog.

Now, I just cannot see what is 'troublesome' about this motion - read that Press Article again; and note the bit right at the bottom where our esteemed Convener of Education states (correctly) that, "this comes down to take-up – the more children who eat school meals, the more revenue we will have to spend."

Solution: have the honesty to admit the actions above, which have actually lowered school meal take-up, were a serious mistake and just say sorry.

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