Monday, June 23, 2008

Far too troublesome ...

Apparently, Opposition Councillors in the City Chambers are being just far too troublesome ... asking officials to answer questions; raising motions for debate; and even having the temerity to call for reports on controversial subjects.

... I mean to say - just where will all this end? We could end up in the outrageous situation of elected politicians running the Council again :-((

Just have a read at the first paragraph in the Evening News story today:

"COUNCIL officials fed up with meetings dragging on into the evening want politicians to stop asking so many questions."

How dare those locally elected politicians ask so many questions - who do they think they are?

And just for good measure, have a look at paragraph 4.25 of the actual report, which says:

"The election of a third opposition group has played a part in the increase in questions and motions and this is perfectly reasonable. However, the number of questions, and their complexity, is very demanding of staff resources during a very short turn-around period. Together with the number of motions, the result has been some very long Council meetings and it is legitimate to question whether this is an efficient or effective use of the Council’s democratic processes."

Quite right ... we simply cannot have Opposition Groups holding officers and Administration Politicians to account by using the democratic process. Oh no - that's just not on!


Well, it would be if I thought the local Libs and Nats would oppose this report at Thursday's Council Meeting ... but they won't :-(

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John Wallace said...

One would hope that the administration councillors would oppose the motion. Experience shows that certainly the Nose Pickers complain so much about the officials that I am surprised they are not the ones asking questions openly in meetings but behind closed doors. I would expect all SNP councillors worth their salt (politix speak for "tell the truth") to oppose it. Let's see. Can you ask for a roll call on the vote please?

Having said that, there have been an awful lot of trivial questions and motions since May 2007 you must admit.