Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Education, Children and Families Committee

Education, Children and Families Committee meeting earlier this afternoon - and there was agreement to go ahead with formal consultation on the potential closure of three primary schools ... Bonnington, Lismore and Westburn.

All the details can be found in the main report here - and, as you'll see, recommendation 5.1(iv) makes it clear that no final decision will be taken on any of this until the November 2008 Full Council Meeting.

November 2008 - that's a full 17-months (nearly one-and-a-half years!) since we first proposed the establishment of a Cross-Party Forum as a potential way forward ... and yet still there is no concrete (excuse the pun) progress on any replacement for just how any new school building programmes are to be funded?

... this is all potentially turning into a 'School Closure Programme' pure-and-simple - one thing is clear, its currently not an 'Estate Rationalisation Programme' that involves both potential closures AND potential new-build/amalgamations.

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