Thursday, June 19, 2008

Edinburgh's David Cameron?

Well, that's what one of my witty (?) Tory colleagues on the City Council reckons I now am - Leader of the Opposition!

... its actually not quite true - thankfully ;-)

Seriously, even though no one else has come forward - and there will now be no contest - it isn't agreed (or not!) until a formal Group Meeting next Tuesday evening ... so, a few days of freedom left yet :-))

All joking aside, I would very much have welcomed a contest but (believe it or not) there has been a genuine consensus amongst my Group colleagues on filling the post of Group Leader - I'm grateful to have benefited from that consensus.

There's no doubt political opponents will try and stress the negative aspects of NOT having a contest - but, lets be honest, this is the Group Leader for an Opposition Council Group of 15-Councillors - House of Commons it ain't.


Will said...

As a fellow blogger, good luck, and here's hoping for extra traffic to your site from your forthcoming status.

But as someone from an opposing party, not too much good luck though. ;)

However, I am willing to get behind any quest to have your hamster installed as Obama's running mate. A new political dynasty of sorts in Edinburgh?

John Wallace said...

I think the your Tory colleague has obviously got it wrong. Maybe he was just headline grabbing and look it worked - it has gotten a headline.

Specifically where he/she/it got has it wrong is that the polls show that David Cameron may actually suceed at the polls in the next election added to the fact that there was actually a contest for Cameron's position which is a concept that has dropped out of the Labour Party.

No contest for Party Leader, no contest for Scottish Leader, no contest for Edinburgh Leader, no contest for 42 days. Oh my.

Andrew said...


Many thanks for your best wishes - they're much appreciated.

Bad news on the Hamster-front I'm afraid - she died a few weeks ago :-((

She was nearly 2, which is apparently quite 'old' in Hamster-years!

Haven't had the heart to blog about it yet :-(


P.S. Obama's going to win anyhow ;-)

Andrew said...


Fair enough point - I can but only repeat my last paragraph from this post ...