Sunday, April 20, 2008

... more DIY :-((

My love of all-things DIY is well-documented ...

... thus you can imagine my 'unbridled joy' at having just spent this Sunday morning helping paint-up parts of the local Community Centre, along with various other members of the Community Council, and Ward colleague Gordon Buchan, in preparation for some new events being run at the Centre from next week.

... aah; the joys of being a local Councillor.

And, after yesterday's serious exertions down at the allotment, I can tell you I'm glad that tomorrow is a local holiday and that the 'phone may be mercifully quiet?

... famous last words :-(


Anonymous said...

Is that purple paint flowing from the tin ?

Red and Blue working together !

Great team work.


Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment ... do you know, I never noticed that :-)