Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, less consumption?

I see the first few days of the 'New Year' press are full of all sorts of dire predictions of financial doom-and-gloom for 2008 ... apparently we are all destined to suffer from the 'Credit Crunch' and subsequently not be able to spend as much on consumables.

Oliver James has an interesting take on all of this in the Guardian today - here - it's well worth a quick read ... and do note the huge number of strongly-opinionated comments his article has generated; always a sure sign that an an author has hit the nail well-and-truly on the head!

I've touched on aspects of this debate before and do feel Oliver James has got a pretty strong point when he contests that our material needs as a nation are clearly being put (long) before our psychological needs.

... as many have said before; DOING WELL is now so much more important than BEING WELL :-(

It's a state of affairs that I'm certain will be seen as a huge, historical cul-de-sac.

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