Friday, January 11, 2008

Edinburgh news the press just won't touch?

I have absolutely no idea who is behind this new addition to quality journalism in Edinburgh ... but it is causing great mirth over here at the Really Bad Blog ;-)

Very good.

... could be yet another 'Council-insider' - who else would know about my annoyance at those bloody posh toilets on the 10th floor of the City Chambers ;-))

The Evening News should be worried ... some serious, journalistic competition at last!


Last Blast said...

You're very kind, Andrew. Glad you're taking it in the spirit that was intended.

Andrew said...

Last Blast (whoever you are!)

Thanks for the message.

Hope you keep the new blog going.

It's a pleasure to read something local that's actually funny and not just the usual 'political-vitriol' ... not that there's ever any of that on here :-(


John Wallace said...

Councillor, I do know what you mean about some of those Edinburgh blogs - they do suck. However there are some good comedy ones as well. .

Andrew said...


... laugh, I nearly cried ;-)

John Wallace said...

Last Blast is gone. Bloody shame.

Andrew said...

Agree - I thought it was really, rather good :-)