Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Identity theft

No - I'm not referring to the trouble with missing CD's at HM Revenue and Customs :-((

... but, one of my esteemed colleagues nicking my blog identity!

So, I've decided to change the background - and layout, a little - of the Really Bad Blog. I would welcome any (constructive please!) feedback on whether you think it looks better, worse, or has it just always looked terrible :-)

Remember, you don't have to leave a comment here - you can always e-mail me direct at: - work
or - home (don't miss out the 'd')

... and before any wag asks: it stands for Douglas :-))


Anonymous said...

Looks OK to me

Andrew said...


Thanks for the feedback ... a few folk thought there wasn't enough contrast with the text/background, so I've tweaked it a bit and think it reads okay now?

... that's style-wise, if not content!