Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grove Street application approved ...

The Grove Street application was back before the Planning Committee this morning - full report can be found here ... I know the report title says 14th November, but it's a mistake!

Unfortunately, from my personal perspective, the application was finally approved today - you'll remember it's been before Planning twice before; see here and here - as I still believe strongly that the amenity of neighbouring residents will NOT be safeguarded by this development and that the parking facilities (zero!) will come back to haunt the area.

Very unfortunately, officers disagreed with me - they had always recommended approval of the application - as did most of the Committee Members who voted in favour of granting planning permission.

So, pretty disappointing.

That said, a degree of thanks should go to the Committee Members who did have to listen to me on three occasions droning on about this - many of them also attended a site visit into the bargain - and several planning conditions were attached on the issues of density, parking and security which may help ... but I have my doubts :-(

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