Thursday, November 08, 2007

The end of local autonomy?

I've outlined my serious worries before about the potential problems on the horizon, as regards local government finance and the "Central/Local" relationship - see here, here and here.

Well, I guess D-Day in this regard is now on the horizon with the Scottish Budget about to be set next week and, I have to say, I'm increasingly convinced that we are about to see a bit of an emasculation of local government powers ... it will, undoubtedly, be branded as a "Council Tax freeze" but in reality what we may well be about to witness is the virtual elimination of local councils' ability to decide their own levels of revenue, which is weak enough at the moment as it is.

All rather ironic from a Parliament that is currently decrying its own lack of powers and, in particular, its lack of revenue-raising autonomy ... that same Parliament could be about to remove all fiscal autonomy from Scottish local government.

Devolution of power - don't make me laugh :-(

... and so much for "parity of esteem" :-((

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