Monday, November 19, 2007

Education Committee meeting

Education Committee meeting earlier this afternoon ... agenda here ... and the Lib/Nat Coalition suffered it's first (I think?) defeat on a policy issue since May.

And surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the formation of the new Cross Party Forum - which was approved unanimously - but concerned the "Pre-2007" report, which I blogged about earlier here ... the Administration moved an amendment attempting to continue the (now proven) myth that somehow we had previously drawn up a secret list.

I should pay credit here to the Tories, Greens and Church Representatives who all backed my call to just accept the report as it stood ... which led to the Administration losing the vote by 11-votes to 10.

We did still agree, as mentioned above, to get on and take part in the Cross Party Forum ... I'm hoping now that the type of destructive nonsense we heard today from the Lib/Nat Administration is at an end - but realistically I'm afraid we may yet hear more of it at the Full Council this coming Thursday :-(


Anonymous said...

You state:


Hardly. Dreary, protracted antagonistic, self important clapshot perhaps, but 'brief' they are not.
Moreover, your blog purports to be 'really bad'. Let's face it, it's not is it? Your blog is merely the same as every other blog by a local councillor, boring, toe-ing the party line and providing unwelcome snippets of your mundane personal life. As if we care.
Let's face it, you aint got a Las Vegas wedding to brag about.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

Sounds like we may not agree on much ... no matter what I say.

Anyhow, thanks for reading a bit of the blog - don't forget: it's not compulsory.