Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Game, set and match

Well, well, well ... remember all those accusations of a "previous Labour schools rationalisation list" back in August ... do have a quick read at this report, just published on CPOL (Committee Papers On-Line), a report that was specifically requested by those who hoped to unearth some dreadful evil-doing by the previous Administration.

Do please pay particular attention to paragraphs 9, 10 and 12 which state respectively:
  • "no financial or implementation appraisal of the options was undertaken for deliberation by the Steering Group or the Administration"
  • "there was therefore no formal rationalisation plan agreed with the last Administration"
  • "no financial appraisal of the individual projects was shared with the previous Administration"

Frankly, this report unequivocally demonstrates that no school rationalisation plan was agreed with the previous Council Administration ... as I've said all along.

This confirms that the proposals which came forward in August of this year, and were then subsequently abandoned in September, were the 'political proposals' of the current Lib-Dem/SNP Administration and of no one else.

All those who have suggested otherwise should now retract their entirely false assertions.

... actually, an apology wouldn't go amiss either.


Anonymous said...

I believed you, especially as Cllr Balfour completely backed you!!

How did the meeting go yesterday? Do you know who will be on the sub-committee? I am hoping that you will be part of it.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment.

The meeting isn't until Monday (19th) ... but I should be on the Sub-Committee as our Spokesperson on Education.

I'll be sure to do a blog entry on Monday after the meeting!