Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another long-meeting this Thursday?

October's Full Council meeting this Thursday - just look at the length of that (12-page!!) agenda :-(

I sadly sense another very, very long-meeting coming up :-((

... mind you, there is one glimmer of a 'bright new future' from the Council Leader - not only is she now being positive about Edinburgh, but check out the last paragraph of this months "Leader's Report" where she says:

"The question is no longer who is to blame, but what to do."

... now, personally, I think she means it - and despite the fact that 23-years of Opposition should have been plenty of time to think about 'what to do', I do welcome the sentiment and change in tone - but is she speaking just for herself?; or all of the Lib-Dems??; or also for her Nationalist partners ???

We'll see over the coming days I guess ...


Anonymous said...

You lot make me sick with your blah blah blah. You are the system and you love it. Nothing changes, nothing. Shame on you.

Andrew said...


Thanks for your view. Sorry if I make you sick - I really am - but can't agree with your assertion that nothing changes. I think we're living through a pace of change never before seen ...