Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Services for Children Inspection report

HMIE Services for Children Inspection report (for Edinburgh) out tomorrow - I mentioned this on several occasions in the early part of this year ... all the posts can be found here.

The 'verbal' feedback from the Inspection was received before the election in May, so I know that although significant progress will be recognised, there will also be some serious issues flagged up for further improvement.

I'm guessing the new Administration will be fairly negative about the final report ... more of the "it's all the fault of our predecessors" line ... I could be wrong, but not willing to put any money on it. Guess that's modern politics for you :-(

But, I do think there is a danger in ignoring the 'significant progress' aspects of the report (which I'm sure will be there) and inadvertently whipping up a purely negative atmosphere around the whole issue ... it won't help those who work in this service area, and worse still it won't help those who most need these services.

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