Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CCWP and Craiglockhart Community Council

Consultative Committee with Parents (CCWP) this evening, followed by a quick dash to Craiglockhart Community Council ...

Was a shame I had to leave the CCWP, the meeting had just reached the item on the agenda concerning the now-cancelled estate rationalisation programme. Seemed to be a tacit admission that 'something' would have to come back - let's hope that any such proposals are via a properly constituted Cross Party Group (with external input) and that the criteria for any rationalisation are publicly agreed FIRST ... I can but hope :-(

All that said, Craiglockhart Community Council was enjoyable - yes, I know, political life is sad - but there was good debate on several local issues causing concern and verbal reports on various positive projects being funded, or about to be (hopefully!) funded that will benefit the local area.

Thinking about it - second meeting of the evening was more inclusive than the first :-((

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