Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Opposition is easier" ... really?

Just to prove how truly sad political life is, I have to admit that the first line of the "Leader's Report" this month had me practically crying with laughter.
  • "I now realise that being in opposition is easier than leading a successful, ambitious and high profile capital city."
Actually, the laughter only lasted a few seconds as I realised that it had been written in all seriousness.

This shocking, political revelation has only taken four months :-((

Then, for a few paragraphs I thought it was actually going to be a better report than last months effort, until I got down to the bottom of page 2 and the section on "Schools Rationalisation Consultation" ...
  • "the consultation had become highly politicised" - errrm ... it was all about closing 22 schools and 4 Community Centres; of course it was a political issue.
  • "I am disappointed that costs will be incurred by the public purse in convening this meeting" - errrm ... your Lord Provost was responsible for setting the date.
  • "the matter could have been given full and proper consideration at September’s scheduled meeting of Council only five days later" - errrm ... no it bloody well couldn't as there's NOTHING on the agenda about the subject.

I despair, I really do.


Anonymous said...


Don't be surprised.. after all I'm sure you know the old joke:
"How do you know when a Lib Dem is lying to you?"...
"When you can see their lips move!"

Andrew said...


What's really worrying about the Lib-Dems in Edinburgh is that the're not Liberal or Democratic - they are Tories, as the ongoing reductions in services for the vulnerable indicate.

And worse, the Nats in Edinburgh (their coalition partners) appear happy to go along with their right-wing agenda :-((

The national SNP must be livid.