Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not flash, just Gordon.

Thinking about events at No.10 Downing Street earlier this afternoon ...

... I am becoming more and more convinced by the day that the Full Council Meeting on Thursday next will be the last one until November ;-)

I reckon Michael Brown may just have hit on something in that last paragraph of his 9th August Independent article?

Not flash, just Gordon. Indeed.


Anonymous said...

It was a sight worth beholding yesterday with Missus Fatcher cuddling up to Gordo. Maybe your administration could be so good to do the same with the current administration.

Meanwhile, I believe the "Not flash" thingy you link to is a type. I believe the correct one is here

Anonymous said...

Should read things before publishing..... the "Not flash" thingy you link to is a typo.

Andrew said...

... so you read Guido Fawkes as well :-))

Andrew said...

... and John, just sticking to the analogy - isn't it the NEW administration locally that should be doing the same thing to us OLD ONES ??

Anonymous said...

I think Mrs T is going to become a Labour Party supporter. Note Gordon's tie matches Mrs T's dress or is it Mrs T's dress matches Gordon Brown's tie. Also note that Mrs T's dress is reddish in colour that the usual royal blue.

Could she be the latest Labour convert?

Andrew said...


If true ... that really would be a story!! Could you imagine David Cameron's face ... not to mention those of the left-wing of the Labour Party ;-((

Surely she wouldn't ...


Anonymous said...

More to the point, can you imagine if it did happen and all the unions stopped giving Labour their cash.

The queues to withdraw membership of the labour party would be bigger than the lines at Northern Rock today.

Imagine the egg on all the current labour politicians faces when they find out that they have made a party which even Thatcher would join. They (and possibly you) have been politically living off what Thatcher did for the last 20 years.

Actually I like that she gave people the right to buy their council houses just didn't agree that the money garnered wasn't ringfenced and ploughed straight into building new houses.

Re Guido: Doesn't everyone read Order-Order. I believe you have something in common with the site - both yourself and Guido have been finalists in the NSNMA. I believe Guido aldo reads and mentioned the site on his blog couple of times.

Oh, remember to pay for your lunch tomorrow and remember to take the right change. Feel like your wife now :-(

Andrew said...


... I was being ironic; I sort of think that Thatcher joining the Labour Party is pretty unlikely.

Mind you; never say never ;-))


P.S. meeting finished before lunchtime, so there were no sandwiches :-(

Anonymous said...

15 minutes - not even enough time to heckle... So how much did that meeting that you and your colleagues cost the city's taxpayers?

Still kind of surprised that the sannys and broth were not taken to go for those rushing to Tynecastle - or was there better fayre on offer to them in the know.

Is it home made type soup or is it the famous Campbells soup mix?

Andrew said...

... the meeting date was set by the LP of course