Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maelstrom delayed ...

My return to the maelstrom was somewhat delayed ... as juniors school out-of-action today due to a heating failure.

Some hasty re-arrangements and he (unfortunately for him!) had to spend the day with me. Couldn't avoid the Group Meeting at 1pm though, so the poor blighter had to come to the City Chambers with me - I made sure he couldn't access my e-mail this time :-)


John Wallace said...

Never mind, the good news is that you have made it into the Top 20 Scottish Blogs in the Guide to Political Blogging in the UK - in fact you made it into the top 10.

Congratulations. Well deserved.

It's amazing what happens when blogs get put on the map with NSNMA.

Andrew said...

John ... hadn't spotted that :-)

Anonymous said...

Junior just had a ball with the office shredder instead of deleting your emails.

Andrew said...


Of course, we recycle everything and shred nothing ... so no chance of a problem there :-)


John Wallace said...

"shred nothing"

Now what was that saying.... Aye, Right

I think it is just that you wouldn't use the Waterfront's shredders - have already done too many miles.

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

John / Anonymous

... I know it's hard to believe/accept - but I have no shredder in the office and have never used one at work.

Now, home is a different matter, where I do possess a shredder ... primarily for providing the damned hamster with very cheap bedding!


Canter Cookie said...

Wish the council would print things on softer paper all this recycled stuff is a bit hard by the time it reaches me. I get paper cuts in me bum.

Third hand recycled stuff is no good.Think the council leaders report made more sense after it was shredded.