Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Iain Dale's Top Twenty Scottish Blogs

A mild state of surprise continues to permeate the Really Bad Blog, as Iain Dale today lists this austere publication in his Top Twenty Scottish Blogs ... ranking this site at No.10 :-)

Actually, the list appears to have been compiled by Grant Thoms, author of the Tartan Hero blog, so many thanks to him for his constructive consideration of the Really Bad Blog ... despite the fact that he appears to have suffered one moment of complete irrationality by listing Edinburgh Sucks! at No.4 :-))

... only joking of course John! - just were would I be if it hadn't been for that NSNMA nomination ??

Thinking about it, this pluralism-thing can be bloody hard at times ... thanking a 'Glasgow SNP Councillor' and 'Edinburgh Council's favourite blogger' :-((


Tartan Hero said...

Credit where credit's due is my motto..

Anonymous said...

Well said the good SNP councillor - totally agree.

Interesting to see that Bunty Backhander has missed out on a mention and will Ewan be throwing a 'Ewan' cos Day 27 was a miss?

However, one would have thought that the computer teaching toon Bailie would have put in more effort this term. Fail! (on a number of counts.)

It's just a shame that those Edinburgh Suckers never came in at #11.

Now if we could only drag Eric Milligan away from watching Balamory long enough - that would be an interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I don't really 'do' blogs as such but this list does seem to include just about every Scottish political blog that exists?

Not to denigrate your achievement :) I'm sure future scholars will look back in awe at your sage words.

Andrew said...

Grant - indeed, and thanks again for your inclusion of this blog, Andrew

Andrew said...

Anonymous ... thanks for your comment - didn't detect a slight tinge of sarcasm in there did I? :-)