Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Congratulations due!

In all the furore over potential school closures, some congratulations are slightly over-due to one of my Ward Councillor colleagues - Gordon Buchan, who became a dad last Friday afternoon!

Gordon may be a Tory, but he can't be all bad because at least he voted against the re-introduction of those damned robes :-)

Seriously - many congratulations to all his family.


Pam Canning said...

Delighted to heard Gordon's news.

Bit of a man post though Andrew. Any idea of the kind of baby and maybe a name?

Congrats to Gordon and his wife. (I wonder if he reads your blog?)

Andrew said...


Sorry! Baby boy, called Jamie, 7lbs and 14oz.

... and of course he reads my blog; the whole Council does :-))