Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Croc clothes?

Now, my love of Crocs caused me untold problems when I last posted about them ... you simply would not believe the grief I received by the way :-(

Well, I'll regret this I know, but I need to alert you to this story in today's Guardian ... shirts, shorts and skirts soon to be made from spongy, foam resin?

... and I'll bet the orders are flooding in already - just what is the world coming too??

And just to prove my point - the company you may be about to keep apparently goes something like this ...

... "fans of Crocs footwear include the actors Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino, royal consort Kate Middleton and even George Bush, who was pictured sporting grey Crocs with black socks recently" ...

... I rest my case :-))


Anonymous said...

I feel the regret coming on.

I in fact for pure research, I tried out the ASDA six pound version of Crocs. My, my, how I was disappointed. It felt rather like trying a new brand on condom and finding out it is get again too small - as happens often.

Regrets, regrets.

Andrew said...

... I just knew I'd regret it :-((

Anonymous said...

Crocs are great here in Rosyth Fife we cant get enough of them they are sold out in all the shops. I had to come to Edinburgh to buy my third pair. Andrew have you tried them lets see a photo of you with your suit and a pair of yellow crocs I have yellow pink and purple. They are really comfy and great for going walks Harry says they will go well with your new council robes Gwen Rosyth

Andrew said...


Great to hear from you!

Sorry - I remain to be convinced about Crocs I'm afraid ... and there's as much chance of me wearing a pair as wearing any Ceremonial Robes :-))

Hope all's well in sunny Fife.