Monday, August 06, 2007

Can't resist it ...

I'm probably about to affront numerous 'crocs-wearing' constituents, but I have to be honest and admit to a long-standing dislike of these ubiquitous plastic shoes, which do appear to be taking over the world ...

... so, imagine my mirth when I read The Daily Mash this morning - which I should warn does contain some strong language :-(

I nearly cried laughing.


Anonymous said...

I shared your opinion until last week's flooded-out camping trip to the Isle of Wight when I borrowed the wife's crocs (actually the six quid equivalent from Shoe Fayre) to get across the mud to the shower blocks.

I still wouldn't wear them in the street, but I'm thinking about a (black) pair for wearing in the garden.

Andrew said...

... I suppose, on reflection, they may just have 'some' practical uses?

Anonymous said...

My wife will not like reading this. She got them back in 2003 to help a back problem after being referred by a physio.

Since then whilst trying to stuff my suitcase on NYC/EDI flights with stuff I could use (cheap cigarettes from the indian reservation - (we all need something to suck on!)) they were being thrown out to make room for yet more pairs of Crocs.

Also noticed whist spending a lot of time recently visiting mother in RIE that they are the shoes de jour of the nursing staff there.

Say what you want about politicians (and we sometimes do) but leave the crocs and their wearers alone methinks.


Andrew said...


'off-blog', I've had a lot of e-mails about this post and ... just for once ... I feel I may have to agree with you :-)

I think it probably best if I steer clear of this topic for a while :-((


P.S. Who knows, I may even buy a pair at the weekend??