Friday, July 06, 2007

Really Bad Blog ain't so bad after all

Well, news has just reached me that - amazingly - I've been shortlisted in the 'Elected representative' (scroll down a bit on that link) category of the 2007 New Statesman New Media Awards!

Just look at the company I'm in - "Cllr Andrew Burns, David Cameron MP, Ed Miliband MP, Jo Swinson MP" ... my reputation (no counter-jokes please) is ruined :-))

Now, can I be the only one who thinks they may "just" get some assistance with their blogs ... or am I being too cynical? I see a few other bloggers have picked up on this point - here and here. Surely, if there's any justice in the world the award should go to someone who actually "writes" their own blog ... I can but hope!

Tragically, I can't make the 'awards ceremony' in London later this month - due to being on holiday - and can only keep my fingers crossed that doesn't count against me ... watch this space.


Anonymous said...

And it's absolutely deserved! Well done, I hope you win. As you rightly say, you're the only candidate that writes it entirely on his tod, regardless of workload, apart from the occasional bit of hamster input from Michael of course!

Good luck, I hope you win!


Andrew said...

Kez - thanks for the comment. Not entirely sure the Hamster input will be helping my cause?? Andrew

Paul E. said...

You deserve it sunshine.

Good luck with it.

Andrew said...

Paulie - many thanks; Andrew