Friday, July 06, 2007

Fair weather commuting cyclist?

First big test today of whether (sorry!) I'm going to be a 'fair weather commuting cyclist' or not ... was indeed a bit damp on Monday morning when I started the new regime, but this morning it was belting down.

I have to admit, nearly polished off the bus pass when I looked out of the window ... but, temptation was resisted and I cycled to work, getting pretty soaked in the process :-(

I definitely need to get to a decent cycle-shop over the weekend and buy a good light-weight rain-proof jacket ... only 'water-tight' jackets I have at the moment are of the mountaineering type; not really suitable for cycling!

Face another conundrum later, as being Friday there is the distinct possibility that one or two drinks (of the mildly alcoholic variety) may be consumed before returning home for the evening ... now, this was never a problem when on the bus :-((


Jacq Kelly said...

Andrew, I used to cycle in Copenhagen all the time as a student.

The boozing is a problem (or at least it was for me). I remember one night cycling home from a party at a mate's house. I was quite lashed, but doing alright under the circumstances (greatly helped by massive cycle lanes with only my cycle in them) until that is I got to the traffic lights. I stopped ok, but putting my foot (or feet even) on the road would have been fab. I ended up cutting star shapes against the cycle lane, but at least no-one was about to point and laugh.

Anyway, in Edinburgh there is ALWAYS someone to point and laugh, so beware.....

These days I just walk, so it isn't as much of an issue for me.

Andrew said...


Thanks for the comment - I did make it home safely last Friday: just.

Pointing and laughing I can cope with, it's these damned Camera 'Phones that appear to be everywhere that worry me :-((