Saturday, July 14, 2007

Normal service will resume shortly

Very sadly, the "Really Bad Blog" is temporarily off-air :-(


Ewan Aitken said...


This is a funny photo

Anonymous said...

Funny Photo

sorry never went through on my last post.

See you all when I return from my holiday


John Wallace said...

Bloody hell! Not another infamous "Day 27"

Michael said...

U can review comments before they post to allow or disallow certain commentaries

Anonymous said...


John Wallace said...

Sorry to read that you never won the award - Honestly!

There's always next year.

Hope the holiday was braw and you have read up and practiced on getting AndyCam up and running.

Alternatively you could start blogging or podcasting the Council meetings live.

Andrew said...

Michael - thanks for the suggestion; I've tried to avoid that so far, as I want as many people to comment as quickly as possible ... given some of the comments here, may have to change my approach!

John - not a "Day 27" I'm afraid! I think I will invest in a better digital camera and have a more serious attempt at posting some short videos.

Ewan/Anonymous (??) ... how I laughed at the 'Numpty' photo