Friday, July 13, 2007

Mad rush

Late Friday afternoon now, and suffering the usual last-minute mad rush to clear my desk - not to mention the never ending e-mails - before I finally manage to escape.

Why is it, that no matter how hard you try, it is nigh-on impossible to go on holiday without mild chaos ensuing beforehand?

And if escaping from work isn't proving bad enough, just wait until tomorrow at home ... will need to somehow deal with the ever-increasing pet menagerie before any final departure on holiday will be possible :-(


Canter Cookie said...

Hope he does not forget to take me on holidays too.

Vote for little old me.

Andrew said...

I'm afraid to say that she's going on a bit of a separate holiday to the local pet shop :-((

P.S. Don't tell the RSPCA

Canter Cookie said...

I thought I was going somewhere sunny and warm!

Just have to book my own holiday on the internet. Now where is my pocket money?

Oh , found a good place to go.

John Wallace said...

I hope he has left the tickets for canter cookie to go to London and pick up the NSNMA2007 gong if he wins.

Andrew said...

... appears that the Hamster has taken on a whole new, stardom in my recent absence :-))

... any suggestions on how I 'delete' these sex comments??