Monday, June 11, 2007

More outrage ...

Appears I was grievously mistaken about ER being delayed due to Big Brother - this week, it's delayed by over an hour for no good reason at all as far as I can see.

Just what is the world coming to ;-((


Anonymous said...

Personally, I can not see any point to Big Brother. Its daft and an absolute was of air time both on Channel4.

But why ,but why does it gain so much coverage on mainstream news.

Who are these people ? Oh no , I did not wont to know that.

Who watches that utter nonsense ? Oh no , did not want to know that either

Big Brother is full of little people with little to do with little minds. Why do they call it Big Brother?

Anyway C4 should loose their broadcasting licence for ignoring the concerns and wishes of Prince William and Harry. Utter disgraceful and irresponsible broadcasting. Sponsers to C4 should all pull their support out of C4. The public should vote with their feet and boycott the sponsers goods and services.

Andrew said...

Anonymous - agree entirely about Big Brother; never seen it and probably never will.

But, life without ER ... now that's a different matter!