Monday, June 11, 2007

Local Community Council meeting

Local Community Council meeting this evening - ongoing development of Youth Programme bound to be a key topic of discussion ... does seem to be some real, positive progress in both the development of the nearby PSP but also the probable use of the local Community Centre for a complimentary programme for a slightly younger age-group.

Other heated-issue continues to be the "hole-in-the-wall" as it's locally known - basically, the recent demolition of the wall that separates the two halves of Hutchison Crossway. This 'barrier' stops any through traffic from Slateford Road onto Gorgie Road - it's been replaced by temporary 'blocks' but getting agreement on a permanent replacement for the wall is proving annoyingly difficult. Hopefully, some matching bow-top fencing (as recently placed throughout the rest of the Estate) will be agreed very soon!

The wall was removed partly due to endless complaints about 'bits' of it being used for ammunition by a variety of passing youths - a classic 'solving of one problem', leading to yet another local conspiracy-theory that it's all being done to open the road up ;-((

REALLY, there is absolutely NO possibility of Hutchison Crossway being opened up to through traffic.

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