Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sarah sworn in

Down at Holyrood this morning to see Sarah sworn in ... third time I've attended this event with her, but first time in the new building.

Not quite as emotional as 1999, but still a tremendous occasion to be present at.

Fascinating to watch the body language down in the Chamber - personally, I think any finalisation of a Government for Scotland is a long way off being secured ;-(

... I'd better unpack those damned lampost posters ;-((


Anonymous said...

Great occasion well done to Sarah, but could your hamster not be presiding officer as there seams to be a vacancy and no one else really wants it.

I am sure she would do a great job of keeping the MSP's in order.

Andrew said...


Terribly sorry to disappoint you - but she's now decided to run for President ... see:

... although I have to agree that she would also make a bloody good Presiding Officer ;-))