Monday, May 21, 2007

Camping weekend ...

Yes, despite my years ... I do still (only once or twice a year now!) pack up our tent, stove and sleeping bags and we all head off for a camping weekend ;-)

It's been a 'get-together' tradition for decades now; and nearly 30 of us met up at a camp-site near Pooley Bridge on Ullswater this weekend. A sure sign-of-the-times, is the fact that there tends to be nearly as many kids as adults these days!

Anyhow, great weekend had by all - with an incredible variety of weather ... Friday night there was a real storm, and bits of the campsite resembled the picture above (I kid you not) by early Saturday morning. Saturday remained pretty wet, so Keswick swimming pool came to the rescue but by the afternoon the sun was blazing and the late evening and all-day Sunday we had really glorious weather.

Kids thoroughly enjoyed a beach-fire on Saturday night, and a leisurely walk on Sunday - with a pub at destination-point obviously - was appreciated by all ;-))

Just look at the contrast in the weather - this picture was taken on the Sunday afternoon ... by the way, that baby on my back was just 'borrowed' for the day and is not mine ... don't want any unfounded rumours now ;-))

Back up to Edinburgh Sunday evening ... washing machine now working on overtime to try and get all that gear cleaned up!

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