Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Education the top priority

The Scottish Labour Party manifesto was formally launched this morning over in Glasgow ... you'll be glad to know I won't be reproducing the whole 100+ pages here ;-)

But the BBC Scotland "manifestos at-a-glance" section is well worth a quick look ... as I've admitted before I am biased, of course, but I really do think there is just no comparison between what the two major Scottish parties are proposing.

And I'm obviously delighted that education is featuring so prominently in the national manifesto ;-))
And as those who know me well will attest ... I'm no slavish opponent of independence, but is it a priority set against what has been launched by Labour today ... not for me it isn't; not by a long way.


Anonymous said...

Has the Labour Party ever investigated the non-target driven education system in Sweden ? Where they do not set educational targets for or even test children under seven year olds. The children are not under any pressure learn the three r's before the age of seven. They seem to pick up the three r's very quickly at that age and considering they also learn English as well as Swedish they far better that their UK counterparts. In Sweden the childern are allowed to play while learning family and community values which enable them to become better citizens.

In the UK the children are force feed education from barely 3 or 4 years of age and by they time they reach 13-16 they can't be 'bovvered' with it.

In fact in Sweden ,together with other social measures, this system of education helps reduce youth crime to the extent that the problem is now levelling off and not rising.

In Sweden the pre-school system is very well funded and represents good value.

Andrew said...


Do have a look at these links for the new 'Curriculum for Excellence' - being fully implemented in August this year - and I hope you'd agree that many of the aspects you refer to are about to come into being in Scotland's education system.





The national manifesto, launched earlier today, also has a lot of detailed information on the future development of early years education.


Hope that's all helpful.


Andrew said...

ooops ... end of those 4 links are: