Monday, November 27, 2006

Oban and 2 Edinburgh Community Centres

Spent all of Saturday up in Oban ... now I'm politically biased obviously, but do have a read at Jack McConnell's speech and then contrast it to the bit of the SNP website that actually mentions policy ...

Go on ... have a quick look and make up your own mind about who is proposing a serious programme of policy development to change people's lives??

Anyhow, enough of the political advert - Oban was looking great during the Saturday morning; great journey up and stunning scenery, then late afternoon and the heavens opened up big-style and the whole area was completely drenched. The drive back down to Edinburgh was pretty grim and unenjoyable.

Monday spent visiting two Community Centres in Edinburgh - Bingham and Royston/Wardieburn ... both very different, Bingham pretty small but with an active local programme; and Royston/Wardieburn a very big centre with a huge programme and focus on children and young people. Seemed to be really good work being undertaken at both centres.

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