Monday, January 29, 2007

On a lighter, and more positive, note ...

On a lighter, and more positive, note ... out to Gracemount High School later this afternoon as part of a round of Ministerial visits to new (or refurbished) schools.

'Devolution' - what's been the point??


Anonymous said...

What refushbishment has taken place?

Andrew said...


There's a bit more about refurbishment and new builds for the whole of Scotland at:

Here in Edinburgh, the complete list of schools involved can be found at:

This site is a bit out of date I'm afraid. Of the lists there, both Drummond Community High and The Royal High School are refurbishments, not new builds.

There is also an ongoing traditional capital programme, through the usual budgetary processes.

Hope that's helpful ...


Andrew said...

... sorry ... you'll need to add


to the first link to get it to work.