Friday, November 03, 2006

"Council Away Day" ... all day today

Full Council 'Away Day' all day today ... all the parties involved, which is a healthy sign given the change in voting system and thus the absolute certainty of coalition next year.

Around lunchtime, rushed up to St. John Vianney Primary School, which was celebrating its 50th Anniversary - they had an absolutely fantastic display of the past 50 years all along the hall corridors. It really was first-class and must have taken pupils/staff/parents a lot of work to pull together. An excellent event all round. Oh, and the buffet-lunch provided was rather good also ;-) ... confusion does now though abound in the 'worst sausage roll in Scotland' debate ...


Anonymous said...

After May it could even be 'stay away and don't come back days'

"Away Days" are just trendy management speak for a junket !

Did you have a group hug too ?

Is the council now at peace with its self ?

A bunch of Kool Dudes eh !.

Andrew said...


No group hug I'm afraid (what a thought!) - and being in George Street, I have to say, it didn't feel like a junket to me ;-)