Friday, October 13, 2006

Young Edinburgh Conference today

"Young Edinburgh" conference today - lasting most of the day in the City Chambers. Had to give a (very) brief welcome to the many delegates before a wide range of workshops and presentations. The quality of the input from the young people was really first-class; there is just no way I had their levels of confidence at that age ;-(

Very impressive all-round.

One of the presentation sessions was feedback from the Tynecastle High students who had 'shadowed' me over the course of several days. They were, thankfully, very kind and didn't make my day-job sound too desperately dull ... just a little bit dull ;-))

All in all, I've really enjoyed the event today. If what I've seen in the City Chambers today is a snap-shot of our future civic leaders, then I'm greatly reassured about the future. I really hope they all stick with it ...

I may though have to re-think my 'sausage roll' assessment from yesterday, having watched some people eat the City Chambers ones today ... not a pretty sight ;-((

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