Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Council Executive meeting and Tynecastle visits

Council Executive meeting this morning ... not a huge number of actual 'Children and Families' reports, but the Department did have a joint-role in several that were approved throughout the morning. Four students from Tynecastle High were in the public gallery (swelling the numbers by at leasy 100%) as part of their 'shadowing' of me ... I know, I've felt sorry for them as well ;-)

They attended a press briefing we did last week, and have now followed it through to the relevant reports actually being approved by the Council Executive. This afternoon, I'm returning the experience and am going to 'shadow' them for a spell at the High School, in their 'Pupil Council' roles. I've a horrible feeling the Pupil Council may be a lot more interesting than the Council Executive ;-((

As well as the 'shadowing' at the High School, I'm also visiting the school management team (separately) as Tynecastle are part of the second-round of school buildings programme. Think that will thereafter mean I've visited all of the Primary and Secondary Schools involved in the second-round of building.

After the High School, also going to visit the Tynecastle Nursery School to discuss a variety of local issues. Will feel slightly odd, as the last time I was in the building was probably dropping off my own son who was there (about 5 or 6 years ago) as a Nursery Pupil ;-)

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