Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Community consultation meeting on Portobello

Community consultation meeting this evening on Portobello and St. John's schools - following on from the statutory events last Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Large meeting in Portobello Town Hall, with a very healthy attendance, and again an incredibly civilised and informative debate!

I'm pretty impressed with the folk from Portobello, and surrounding area/s, who have attended these meetings - must be getting close to 700 for the 3 main events? There is clearly a high level of contention over the Council proposals - just have a look at Portobello Online (this is a long 'chain', which starts at the first posts and carries on into the 1,000's - literally!) for a flavour - and yet each of the meetings, although challenging, have been pretty polite and civil affairs with a very high level of well-informed debate.

No matter what the outcome from this round of consultation, there's no question that the local population have been very involved. I certainly hope that those who don't get their preferred site option/s, come the Council Meeting in December which will ultimately decide these matters, would at least accept that.

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