Monday, April 24, 2017

Getting Around Our City

My colleagues Karen Doran and Karen Keil, have drafted a short piece on 'Getting Around Our City', which is for the Edinburgh Labour website --- I'll reproduce the text below, for those interested:

Edinburgh is a magnificent city, the fastest growing city in Scotland, with population growth of some 1% per annum. People from all over the UK, and beyond, make a positive choice to come here to live and to work.

It is vital that those residents can walk, cycle and travel by public transport. So, over the last five years, Labour has worked hard to ensure that we are forward thinking in how people get around.  We have significantly increased investment in public transport. 

Edinburgh is thus the only city in the UK which has seen a decrease in car ownership along with increased use of buses, cycling and walking.  This has happened because Labour has invested in Active Travel.

Labour has further pledged to continue with pavement resurfacing and will create a dedicated BUDGET FOR WALKING to be used to install more pedestrian crossings, drop kerbs, pedestrian zones and increase pathways.

Labour also pledged, back in 2012, to increase spending on cycling and it has followed through with that promise.  Spending on cycling is now 10% of the transport budget, using the money to make routes safer.  We renew that pledge to MAINTAIN SPENDING ON CYCLING AT 10%; to complete the west to east link across the city centre, and to build segregated cycle lanes.  Not only do we pledge to continue our work but we will introduce a cycle hire scheme that is fit for purpose and will enhance visitors and residents experience of Edinburgh.

And award-winning Lothian Buses has upgraded its fleet with more accessible and less polluting vehicles. Passenger numbers are rising every year. 

As Labour has always promised, and will always PROMISE, we will fight to KEEP LOTHIAN BUSES AND EDINBURGH TRAMS IN PUBLIC OWNERSHIP.  Edinburgh Trams currently has one of the highest service satisfactions in the latest passenger survey.

Labour will continue to fight for a cleaner, safer Edinburgh to travel around in; with 20MPH zones in the City Centre, residential and shopping areas, while 30MPH & 40MPH will be maintained on arterial routes.

We will also look to introduce a LOW EMISSION ZONE in the city and monitor it to ensure there is no shift of pollution to other areas.

Karen Doran and Karen Keil
Edinburgh Labour Councillors for City Centre and Drumbrae

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