Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Allotment Strategy – Public Consultation

I don't routinely replicate internal, Councillor Briefings here on the blog - but this one is *most* important ;-)

If you've an interest in Allotments, please do take part in the consultation which now runs through until 18th October ... full details follow:


Councillor Briefing – Edinburgh’s 3rd Allotment Strategy – Public Consultation

The City of Edinburgh Council produced its first allotment strategy “Cultivating Communities” in 2002.  This was followed by “Cultivating Communities – A Growing Challenge” in 2009.  Our third strategy, “Cultivating Communities - A Growing Success” continues the themes of its predecessors and aims to provide a strategic approach to the planning and management of allotments for the next 10 years and contains a 5 year Implementation Plan.

Over the duration on the last strategy (2011 – 2015) a further 11 sites were developed at Kirkliston, Albert Street, Inchkeith, India Place, Hawkhill / Nisbet, Drumbrae, Baronscourt, Prestonfield, Northfield Drive, Dumbryden and Victoria Park, as well as extending allotments at Stenhouse.   There are currently a total of 44 sites in Edinburgh, all with varying size plots.   A Council Allotment Officer is responsible for the majority of these sites.  In total there are now 1,724 allotment plots (Table 1) of which, the Council directly manages 1,488 plots.

Demand for allotments while now stabilised continues to be high with approximate 2,500 current waiting list applicants.

The draft strategy has been released for consultation and focuses on 4 objectives:
- Adequate provision
- Robust management
- Improved customer experience
- Adoption of revised regulations.

Consultation on the new strategy began on the 20-Sep-16 and will run until 18-Oct-16 with responses being reviewed during this period.  It would be our intention to report the new Allotment Strategy to the Council’s Environment Committee in January 2017.

The following provides a link to the public consultation on the draft strategy:


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