Friday, February 26, 2016

Edinburgh Printmakers update

I've mentioned the Edinburgh Printmakers ongoing developments at the Castle Mill Works (in Ward 9) a couple of times before - here and here ...

... well, delighted to report that the project secured nearly £2million further funding today, through the "Regeneration Capital Grant Fund for 2016/17" :-)

More details can be found via this link; and I''ll paste some further information on the award/project below:


7. Project lead:                    City of Edinburgh Council                      
    Project title:                     Castle Mill Works - Creative Industries Incubator

This project will restore Castle Mill Works, a C- listed heritage building of significant social interest in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. The building will be transformed into a vibrant cultural centre with cafe, garden, exhibition and retail space and a Creative Industries Incubator Hub, providing a catalyst for the economic regeneration of the Fountainbridge area. The project will actively target some of Edinburgh’s most deprived neighbourhoods.

The Castle Mill Works has lain vacant for 10 years and requires complete refurbishment in order to retain it. In 2012 community groups expressed a desire for the property to be brought into sustainable, community use.

The project will be delivered in a partnership with Edinburgh Printmakers.


·  Address worklessness through the employability programme (training and work placements) and make links with FE and HE Creative Industries students
·        Broaden access for more people to enjoy and experience the arts
·      Enhance the ‘sense of place’ for Fountainbridge residents, encourage social cohesion and play a part in a major redevelopment that will make Fountainbridge a better place to live, work and visit.
·       Redevelop a historic building and return it to a viable productive use, boosting the local economy
·      Develop the resilience and international connectedness of Edinburgh Printmakers and contribute to Edinburgh’s and Scotland’s international cultural reputation.
·      Foster excellence and experimentation across the creative industries by establishing a new Creative Industries Hub

Anticipated outputs.:

·         24 new jobs created
·         50 construction jobs supported
·         13 existing job supported
·         18 training places created
·         1 buildings refurbished and brought back into use
·         507 sqm of business space created or modified
·         2250 sqm of building created or refurbished
·         3.5 ha of Vacant and derelict Land remediated/ de-risked/ brought back into use
·         1 community facility supported
·         20 businesses/ enterprises benefiting from supported facilities


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