Wednesday, December 16, 2015

COSLA President slams package of measures as totally unacceptable

Spent the afternoon at COSLA today, which coincided with the Scottish Government funding-settlement being announced - some detail via the BBC here ...

... just no question that Local Government are the big losers in this years announcement. I've been a Councillor since the onset of devolution (in May 1999) and I've never seen so many genuinely angry Council Leaders (of all political persuasions) - it is the worst settlement for Local Government since 1999; sadly, of that, I've absolutely no doubt :-(

COSLA's related News Release follows:


Job losses will equate to 50 Tata Steelworks

COSLA got a very clear steer from Council Leaders this afternoon (Wednesday) that the package of measures being put forward for Scottish local government is totally unacceptable.

Speaking following a special Council Leaders meeting in Edinburgh today COSLA President Councillor David O’Neill said:  “Whatever way they spin it, this is an “austerity” budget of straight political choice – how else could you describe a low spend, low tax budget that will cost 15,000 council jobs equivalent to 50 Tata Steelworks to put that into some context. 
“COSLA got a very clear steer from Council Leaders this afternoon that the package of measures for local government is totally unacceptable.
“This is a budget that hits the council workforce in terms of job losses, it hits the child in care, it hits the elderly struggling with dementia and the vulnerable adults, all of whom solely rely on the support that only a council can provide.
“Make no mistake this is a budget that has been made in Scotland and imposed on Scottish Local Government.  The 3.5 per cent cut (£350 Million) coming to us next year cannot be laid at Westminster’s door this time around as we all know that the Scottish Government got a cash increase.  
“A cut of 3.5 per cent is catastrophic for jobs and services within Scottish Local Government – because the harsh reality is that it actually translates to real job cuts that hit real families, in real communities throughout Scotland.  Everyone will be hurt by this.
“This budget could only have been constructed by someone who has no responsibility for service delivery and  who clearly does not understand the reality on the ground or the impact it will have on those struggling in Scotland.”
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