Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New SNP Group Leader ...

Local readers will no doubt be aware that there's been some 'change-at-the-top' of the City Council SNP Group, following their AGM earlier this evening ...

... long-standing SNP Group Leader, Steve Cardownie, has stood down from the top job, and been replaced by Sandy Howat as Group Leader - and Sandy will, Thursday's Council Meeting permitting, be Council Deputy Leader in due course.

At a personal level, I’ve really enjoyed working with Steve, and will be sorry to see him return to the SNP backbenches. Politics is though a pretty rough trade, and internal change does sometimes happen.
Most crucially, despite any changes at an individual level, the local Labour/SNP Coalition will continue; as we collectively understand the importance of continuity and stability for Scotland’s Capital City.
And I do now look forward to working with Sandy, who I’ve known well since 1996/7 ...

... and both of our respective Groups continue to have every intention of ensuring this unique Coalition remains in place right through to May 2017.

Our Coalition-agreement remains completely unchanged, and our focus remains on doing what is best for Edinburgh

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