Sunday, January 18, 2015

Council Budget for 2015/16

Council Budget-setting day is now fast approaching ...

... regular readers will know that the following year's budget is set each February, and our 2015/16 Budget will be set at the Special Council Meeting on Thursday 12th February 2015.

As usual, the meeting will be webcast live, and you'll also be able to watch it from the archive afterwards - all via here.

There has been a very extensive consultation on the draft proposals - which you can still read all about here ... and the formal Report(s) for the 12th February meeting will go up on CPOL (Committee Papers onLine) by 11am on Friday 6th February.

And - as per last year, we will publish our Capital Coalition Motion (in full) on the same morning ... I will thus post it here at 11am on Friday 6th February.

You can contact me - via all the usual channels - if you have any queries; but hope this update on the process helps for now ...


Anonymous said...

Noted that £15million a year is allocated to fund borrowing for Edinburgh Trams. This is about twice the expected revenues of £7.9million for the first year's operations. With annual running costs budgeted at £13.7million the trams are clearly running at a loss of over £20million a year. Not sure what can be done, but this drain on the city's finances needs serious attention.

Andrew said...

Duncan, thanks for the comment --- there was a report on potential future options at last December's Council Meeting - you can access it here:

Anonymous said...

What Duncan said.

Andrew said...


Noted - and hope the link above, in reply to Duncan, helps:

Thanks for checking out the blog.